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Tiger Global Management

Tiger Global Management

CompanyRound NameRound DateAmount Raised
QualiaSeries D12/20Dec 2020$65M$65,000,000
BigIDSeries D12/20Dec 2020$70M$70,000,000
RhinoGrowth Equity01/21Jan 2021$95M$95,000,000
SirionLabsSeries C05/20May 2020$44M$44,000,000
TaxBitSeries A03/21Mar 2021$100M$100,000,000
VendrSeries A03/21Mar 2021$60M$60,000,000
BRYTERSeries B04/21Apr 2021$66M$66,000,000
ChargebeeSeries G04/21Apr 2021$125M$125,000,000
BlairSeed05/21May 2021$6.3M$6,300,000
KajabiUnspecified05/21May 2021$550M$550,000,000
SnapdocsSeries D05/21May 2021$150M$150,000,000
MagicSeries A07/21Jul 2021$27M$27,000,000
Unit21Series B07/21Jul 2021$34M$34,000,000
TaxBitSeries B08/21Aug 2021$130M$130,000,000
VerifiableSeries A08/21Aug 2021$17M$17,000,000
strongDMSeries B09/21Sep 2021$54M$54,000,000
SocureSeries E11/21Nov 2021$450M$450,000,000,NoBrokerSeries E11/21Nov 2021$210M$210,000,000
AgentSyncSeries B12/21Dec 2021$75M$75,000,000
BraintrustUnspecified12/21Dec 2021$100M$100,000,000
TaxdooSeries B12/21Dec 2021$64M$64,000,000
VirtruSeries C01/22Jan 2022$60M$60,000,000
VeriffSeries C01/22Jan 2022$100M$100,000,000
BlockdaemonSeries C01/22Jan 2022$207M$207,000,000
ToriiSeries B02/22Feb 2022$50M$50,000,000

Disclaimer: Funding data provided above is based on publicly-available data sources. Any funding in a non-US currencies was converted to USD using rates on the day of the funding announcements. Please do not rely on this information in any capacity.

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